CCI proudly supports the J24 Worlds 2012

J24 Rudder

We have developed a J24 rudder based on the published class rules. At this time we must stress that the rudder has not been approved as a replacement for one-design racing.

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J24 Rudder Template

A durable fiberglass template milled on our CNC machine to the datapoints published for the J24 rudder.

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J30 Rudder

Our rudders are the right shape, the right weight, and the right price.

If you look in our Gallery you may also see a cool clear coat carbon tiller we built for a local J30.


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Earlier this year, I discovered that my J/30 rudder was thicker and heavier than the class specification. 

This past Spring, I installed a new rudder made by Competition Composites and am very happy with the difference that it has made. The key difference is that the new foil stays responsive in all wind conditions. Specifically, in higher winds, there is no sense that the rudder is becoming inefficient and heavy. The Class Spec won’t allow a balanced rudder, so you can’t achieve the super-light touch available on some tillers, but having one that is correctly designed makes a BIG difference. 

The guys that own CCI sail at my Club and I can attest that they understand racing. They were quick and responsive. And the product was ready when promised. And fit right in to the hole that the old one left behind. 

The new rudder is substantially better. Worth, in my opinion, the investment. You’d spend as much or more on a new sail and, for the reasons above, I would argue you will get more of a return from your investment on the race course out of the rudder. 
– Corey G

J30 Balanced Rudder

A customer who is offshore racing his J30 wanted a balanced rudder, built in carbon. We were happy to provide this for him. The helming effort has been significantly decreased, while keeping the wetted shape otherwise the same to avoid a rating penalty.

We also built an emergency rudder for him.

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Just wanted to thank you very much for the outstanding offshore rudder you built for my 1979 J/30. The rudder performed flawlessly, after over 2100 NM racing from SF to Hawaii in Pacific Cup 2010. We finished 2nd in Div. A just under 14 days and missed 1st place by approximately 45 minutes. We were in near constant surf condition the last 2/3 of the race with a top speed of 16.1 knots and a best 24 hour run of 198 NM. The weather included squalls and trade winds with TWS of 12- 29 knots at times planning at 14- 16 knots. 
The greatest sailing I have ever experienced, thanks again for being a part of “Team Friction Loss”. 
– Shawn

J30 Rudder Template

A durable fiberglass template milled on our CNC machine to the datapoints published for the J30 rudder.

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J90 Rudder

There weren’t many J-90s built, but we had a customer come to us to draw and fabricate a new rudder for him. A deep high-aspect ratio design, with carbon fiber rudder post.

Price is for rudder blade only. Replacement post quoted separately

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