The Custom Shop

At CCI we have the ability to build pretty much anything you can imagine in composites, from one-off complex items to low/medium run production with in-house manufactured tooling. Some examples of our custom manufactures are: radomes for telecoms, in-field tooling such a concrete moulds for light pole bases and all sorts of structural tubes & spars, even for the Dragone Water Show in China. We are well versed in all types of manufacture and can help you define how to realise your idea in a time / cost effective manner. Popular approaches include vacuum bagging, wet lay-up, infusion, VARTM, RTMLite, closed mould foaming core, gel coating, and our expertise across a multitude of materials (glass/carbon/aramid fibers, epoxy/vinyl/poly esther resins, paint & gel coat finishes).

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Case Study

CCI was pleased to participate in the retrofit of this classic 136′ motor yacht.  The faux funnel is a radome-quality fabrication that hides the yacht’s antennas, as well as some mechanical equipment.  More difficult than it appears at first, it is precisely shaped to match the compound curves of the existing deck.  The dorades are functional, with ability to swivel as well as to lock into position.


dorades funnel Wells 136 Motor yacht

Case Study

CCI was engaged as a subcontractor to build the communications mast on the custom 145′ Crescent yacht.   All components were built in single use female tooling, and delivered in primer ready for final assembly.

Crescent 145 Yacht

Exploded diagram Crescent 145 radar wing ready to ship

Case Study

This set of large venturis is an example of the workmanship you can expect from our Custom Shop.   Built to mm tolerances, with exacting criteria for surface finish and flush mounted hardware.

venturi x 3

Case Study

This aerospace project required us to build high tolerance, high temperature carbon fiber tooling with a 400F cure.  The parts were produced in our autoclave and used a BMI carbon prepreg and had a ultimate service temperature of 450F.

high temperature carbon fiber tooling high temperature BMI prepreg parts - checking against template