Will that be flat-packed panels, or a complete Shelter?

Flat composite panels are simple in concept but a challenge to build well.  At CCI we have built several hundred composite flat panels, including a production run of over 500 large infused fiberglass and foam core panels used in light weight transportable utility structures.  We have the experience and knowledge to make the custom panels that you need.  CCI has laminating tables up to 20 feet in length – large format panels are not a problem.

Fiberglass kioskFiberglass Kiosk, with upper and lower service windows

At CCI, you can have a panel built the way YOU want.  Custom and Short Run are our specialty.  Options include:

  • solid laminate or cored construction
  • fire retardant (ES84) gelcoats, resins, cores
  • ballistic liners
  • RFI/EMI liners (nickle/carbon cloth OR aluminum/steel sheet)
  • specified levels of thermal and noise insulation
  • non-skid or other textured finish
  • engineered to specific load requirements (ie: structural panels).

Aluminum/Foam Sandwich Panels

Flat composite panels are a lightweight, economical, low maintenance, and long lasting alternative to traditional materials in many areas of construction and transportation:

  • shelters (bus shelters, emergency shelters)
  • utility structures
  • building re-cladding
  • Bus / RV / LRT floors
  • Transportation Interiors and Bulkheads

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