CL16 Racing Centerboard

A customer came to use asking that we explore what can be done to make faster foils within the limits imposed by the CL16 class rules.

We shortened the chord length while also maximizing the thickness, with the result that we were able to use a decent foil section. It is also slightly longer, to the maximum that the trunk will allow. Giving up a bit in area but with a far more efficient shape, this board should be able to generate the required lift at less drag than the original.


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CL16 Racing Rudder

The matching rudder to our racing centerboard. Can be built for the customer’s kickup headstock, or can also be made as a non-kickup design.

As with the centerboard, the rudder has a proper foil section across it.

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CL Stealth carbon Daggerboard

We developed the original prototype daggerboards for the Stealth. Construction is carbon fiber over a lightweight CNC-milled core. These are available as an upgrade over the aluminum extrusions that are delivered with the boat, and they fit the same daggerboard slot.

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CL Stealth carbon Rudder

This rudder is to the same cross section as the aluminum extrusion delivered with the boat, but is a lighter weight carbon-fiber solution, with a lower drag planform.

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