Contour 34 Deep Rudder

A customer requested a deeper rudder for his Contour 34 while still using his original stainless kickup headstock. To handle the higher loads while staying with the original headstock width this rudder has been fabricated with a substantial carbon fiber layup over a laminated wood core. We have since done a number of these rudders – they’ve become a popular upgrade for the Contour 34.


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Contour 34 Standard Rudder

As an alternative to our proprietary higher-aspect ratio Contour 34 rudder, we can also (and have) build them to the original shape. But signficantly stronger and lighter.

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Contour 34 Lifting Rudder

At the request of Contour 34 sailors we have developed a cassette-based lifting rudder system as an alternative to the traditional kickup rudder.  The rudder is slightly forward swept for a balanced helm.  The listed price is for the bundle of rudder blade plus cassette.


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Hi Dave And Phil. I received the new kit and got a chance to sail with it today. The rudder is a complete dream. Perfect!  Thank you!
– Paul.

Contour 34 Deep Daggerboard

A replacement daggerboard in the original shape. We can build in ballast to make it a sinker, like the original, or can increase your performance by keeping it light weight.


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The foils look great and it is hard that I have to wait at least 8 weeks until I can try them, since we have the strongest winter for the last 30 years!
– Rasmus T.

Contour 34 Standard Daggerboard

A nice upgrade to the original Barn Door rectangular planform Contour 34 daggerboard, our semi-elliptical board is a bit deeper with a more drag-efficient shape. Lighter too.

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