Daysailor Centerboard

This design came from a customer in California that took advantage of my willingness to deliver only a shaped core – he even shipped his own laminated cedar plank!

He specified a more modern cross section than the typical NACA 4-digit foil, which we’ve taken advantage of on a few other similar products.

That first centerboard has been followed by several other orders, all custom designed to match the customer’s centerboard trunk thickness. There seems to be a lot of variability across boats in this class.

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I can’t believe how much my racing performance improved after I got my new centerboard. It was like night and day switching from the old stock board that was shaped completely wrong, to the board I got from Phil’s Foils. Plus the new board weighed a lot less.
– J.P. Clowes

Daysailor Rudder

Our Daysailor rudder design follows the class rules while also allowing it to be raked forward for a more balanced helm. We think you’ll find it to be a winner. Can be combined with one of our custom composite headstocks.


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Daysailor Composite Headstock

A composite headstock to match our Daysailor rudder. Can be specified with standard rudder fittings, or laminated-in-place gudgeons.

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