Emergency Rudders to Get You Home

CCI has manufactured emergency rudders for MANY different boats, just a few of which are listed below.   With or without a cassette.  Forward or Aft facing tillers (required when you have a backstay).   We may also be able to help you with your transom gantry, if needed.

A Cautionary Word: Emergency rudders are intended to get you to the closest port should your main rudder fail.   They are sized to about half the area of your primary rudder but are doing the same amount of work.   Logically it then follows that the erudder is loaded more heavily.  Treat them as such.   Do not surf or otherwise exceed hull speed – they are not engineered for it. Set your sails for the course you are sailing.   If your primary rudder is still in place, but bent or otherwise disabled, then the ERudder has to work even harder.    Keep that in mind when sea-trialling a new system.

Emergency Rudder In Use

In this video, one of our satisfied customers shows how well his new emergency rudder performs.


Nelson Merek 68 Emergency Rudder

This emergency rudder, for a Nelson Merek 68, is just one example of what we can provide in custom emergency rudders.

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Olson 30 Emergency Rudder

An emergency rudder for those taking their Olson 30s offshore, this is transom hung but of a similar shape to the OEM spade rudder. Design provided by the customer.

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J-30 Emergency Rudder

We built this emergency rudder for a J30 that planned to race offshore, cutting it down a bit in size from the standard item and making it considerably lighter. It has a laminated hood for a tube tiller.

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J-125 Emergency Rudder

For this emergency rudder for the J125, we laminated a carbon gudgeon tube to fit a transom plate.


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J-133 Emergency Rudder

A deep and skinny rudder blade, this J133 customer brought his own emergency rudder design to be fabricated by us.


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Sunfast 36 Emergency Rudder

We built the rudder blade and cassette for this emergency rudder for a Sunfast 36.  This basic shape is now the starting point for several of our midsize erudder solutions.


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TP 52 Emergency Rudder

This was one of the first emergency rudders we built, for a first generation TP52. We provided the cassette as well, which attached at a gudgeon plate fitted to the backstay tangs and used lines to a reverse tiller for steering. We are happy to provide a custom solution for you.


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Other Projects


Twin ERudders

Twin ERudder system with reverse tillers and linkage

Emergency Rudder for HMCS Oriole

This is the emergency rudder we designed and built for the HMCS Oriole, an 80′ sail training vessel.