Farr 30 / Mumm 30 Rudder

CCI is very pleased to have been approved by the Farr 30 class association as a builder of replacement rudders for the Farr 30.

Farr 30 / Mumm 30 Bowsprit

farr-30-mumm-30-bowspritFarr Yacht Design has designed a removable, IRC optimized bowsprit for the Farr 30 One Design. CCI is the North American fabricator and vendor of this new product. Refer to the flyer for more details.

Farr 30 Flyer

Farr 395 Rudder

We are the chosen builder of the updated FARR 395 rudder. The designer at Farr had this to say:

“The new rudder is an improvement over the old rudder in many ways. The foil section shape is much more forgiving, which will increase the lift at high rudder angles, give the rudder more ‘grip’ and delay the onset of stall. The rudder is a bit deeper (longer span) so it’ll produce more lift with less drag. The rudder also has slightly more area which will help in windy and wavy conditions and in particular beam reaching when there is a lot of load on the rudder. The rudder also has more balance which should result in lower rim loads, whilst still maintaining adequate feel in light airs. The new rudder features a carbon fiber rudder stock (post), which is lighter, stiffer and stronger than the existing Aluminium one. So, all told, these new features should make for a good improvement versus the existing shape. If you are considering replacing your rudder, it makes sense to do so now rather than later. “

Price is fully loaded with carbon post, bearing sleeves, and design royalty factored in.  Refer to the Press Release (below).

Farr 395 Press Release

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Farr 10R / Beneteau First 34.7 Rudder

Please see our Beneteau product page.

Farr 40 Rudder

Our Farr 40 design was provided by the good people at Farr Yacht Design.

Farr 40 rudder installedFarr 40 rudder rendering

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Farr 60 Pilothouse Rudder

Our Farr 60 design was developed from a 3D Scan of the customer’s original.

On the one shown below we were able to re-use the original aluminum post.

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Farr Beneteau First 40.7 Rudder

Please see our Beneteau product page.

Farr Dickenson 37 Rudder

When a Farr-Dickenson 37 lost its rudder on the delivery to Key West Race Week 2008, we got the call – and had the replacement fabricated within a week! They made the start of the first race. This design has a deeper span than the original.

Price is for rudder blade only. Replacement post quoted separately



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