Hotfoot 20 Rudder

For those with Hotfoot 20s (or other small performance keelboats) that want to upgrade to a rudder similar to those supplied with the Ultimate 20.

Carbon fiber over a wood core.

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Hotfoot 27 Rudder

A new design for the Hotfoot 27. This is of similar span and chordlength to the original, but reduces steering loads by building a bit of balance into it.

In our gallery you’ll see one painted gloss black above the waterline to match the owner’s hull color.

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Phil & Dave, 
I thought you might be interested in an update on the rudders you built for Mick C. and I. We both did very well at Whidbey Island Race Week this year, and that was enough to prompt a guy to appeal our PHRF ratings because of our rudders. Fortunately, the handicappers have not agreed with him. At any rate, I have been very happy with the rudder and I think a lot of people noticed it this year with Mick and I rafted on the main dock at Race Week. 
– Steve T.