I14 (International)

International 14 Daggerboard; 2011


Our standard offering in the I14 daggerboard is of moderate span and the layup can be customized from soft to super stiff. Dave uses this board in his 2011 I14 and it easily survived the extreme conditions of the Weymouth Worlds.


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Got to say you have given me a headache on rudders as the centreboard is perfect… Starting to think we should get you to make our rudder blade.
– Dave Chisholm

International 14 Custom Rudders

Phil’s Foils has a tradition of helping innovators in the I14 (and other development classes) realize their dreams by providing custom rudders and lifting foils. See examples of some of our past work in the online gallery.

We’ve also built I14 rack tubes, and 3rd party daggerboard and rudder tooling.




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International 14 Custom Daggerboards

Our one-off techniques make us a natural for building to your new idea in development classes such as the International 14. We’ve built daggerboards from short and stubby high wind boards to very deep high aspect boards. Have a look in the gallery for some examples. There are also I14 daggerboards being built by other craftsmen from tooling that we were pleased to mill to their designs.


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