Naples Sabot

Naples Sabot Leeboard

“Back to the drawing board”… the original customer brought his own design, which really pushed the limits of the class rules, proving to be a headache for all involved. We went back to the class rules and drawn a more conservative planform that should easily measure in while still giving high performance. Foil section chosen is one that’s very good at these lower speeds. Stiffness comes from the CNC-milled Sitka Spruce core. We sell several sets of foils each year into the Naples Sabot class. Why? Because they perform so well!


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Naples Sabot Rudder

Our Naples Sabot design now includes a notch for pintles, bringing the leading edge closer to the transom. Tiller hood is angled down 15 degrees to compensate for the angle of the transom, and is sized to accept a 0.75″ diameter tube – anything larger would look too clunky on these boats. Light weight, with a CNC-milled Western Red Cedar core. Great performers, we sell several sets into the Naples Sabot class each year.


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