Newick 42 Daggerboard

In this project, the customer came to me as the daggerboard for his Newick 42 was too short (it had been cut down for shallow water). The original design was copied as closely as possible while extending it to a full 11 feet. Strength comes from a central beam of carbon fiber over douglas fir, while saving weight with foam leading and trailing edges


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Newick 42 Leeboard

Our Newick 42 daggerboard customer came back to us after a couple of years to request that we fabricate a set of leeboards for his floats, to further increase windward performance.

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Newick 50 Rudder

This customer commissioned a design from Eric Sponberg to update the rudder on his Newick 50 that he was racing on the Great Lakes. We were pleased to be selected for its fabrication. Construction is carbon fiber over foam, with a carbon post.

Price is for rudder blade only. Replacement post quoted separately


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