Rhodes 19 Rudder

This design came from a customer who wanted to minimize wetted area and sweepback. Well known in the class, he knows what he’s looking for in a fast rudder.

Fiberglass over Douglas Fir, it comes in right about minimum weight.

We can build them for either the traditional pivoting tiller, or with a fiberglass hood to accept a tube tiller.

The Rhodes19 rudder is a popular item for us, and as a result we also are happy to contribute to the class association. We’ve contributed a couple of rudders to be raffled at major regattas in the recent past.



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I have bought several Rhodes 19 rudders from Phil and CCI over the years. There really is no other choice in my opinion. If weight, shape and strength are concerns, then just buy one of Phil’s Foils. 
In addition to making the best rudder available, Phil and the CCI team have been helpful sponsors of the class, providing much needed assistance when big events come around. Rhodes 19 sailors appreciate Phil’s great products and his participation in our community. It makes doing business with him that much easier. 
– Shan McAdoo

Rhodes 19 Tiller

Our Rhodes19 tiller is a simple tapered rectangular section with a fork that slips over the rudder head. Fiberglass over foam, it is very light and stiff.

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