Rocket 22 Rudder and Cassette

Although the Rocket 22 is a fairly recent design, we have had requests to provide an alternate rudder system for this speedy little boat. Our design uses an all carbon fiber rudder cassette that the rudder blade slots into, angled forward slightly to provide balance. Price does not include cassette, rudder blade only. Contact us for more details.

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Post Feedback

Dear all – I just wanted to email to says thanks for the excellent service and the awesome rudder. I have now sailed my Rocket 22 in everything from light air, 3-5 foot waves, and 20 knots steady – 35 knot gusts and the rudder has performed awesomely. With our old rudder in 25 knots we would have been on the round-up parade both up and down wind. I would recommend Phil’s Foils/CCI to anyone looking to improve the foils on their boat.


– Steve