S2 6.7 Rudder

The smaller boat from S2, the 6.7 has a kickup rudder like the 7.9, but is a bit smaller in all dimensions. Our rudder fits the original headstock, of course.

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S2 7.9 Rudder

This is becoming a fairly popular item at Phil’s Foils. The boats are aging, and the rudder has an inherent weakness from the head being set so far back over the foil section. The loadings at the transition from the head to the foil are very high.

This design addresses the mechanical issues by using a red cedar core with a very heavy fiberglass laminate at the transition from foil to head. It will last you many many years.

We’ve now built many of these, with some customers suggesting our product should be the standard replacement rudder for the class.


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Decided to look you up after seeing a message from your “competition” Frank Foote on the S2 7.9 website who builds foam-core rudders. I just wanted to let you know that the rudder you built for me 10+ years ago is still going strong, no dimensional changes whatsoever with minimal maintenance. I’m more convinced than ever that a properly-built wooden blade is the way to go for this boat, with its inherently failure-prone design. Glad to see you are still in business and expanding your product lines.
– Steve Bowen


I purchased an S2 7.9 replacement rudder from Phil’s Foils for my boat in Jacksonville, Florida, about 4 years ago. 

The rudder has held up wonderfully and is extremely fast – I have not finished below 2nd in a regatta since purchasing it. 

Thanks for the good work!
– Dave S.