Sea Kayak

Sea Kayak Rudder

Sea kayaks that adapt a sailing rig find that their original rudders are woefully inadequate. Our design is much stronger, has a unique carbon headstock, and a proper foil section on the rudder. The difference is like night and day.

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Kayak Outrigger

We developed this oversized kayak outrigger float for a customer that wanted additional safety on his sea kayak. We have the tooling and can build additional quantities on short notice, in your choice of gelcoat colors. We emphasize that these floats are large, at 66 inches long by 6 inches wide. They could be an ideal addition to your sailing conversion, or for added stability for those that use their sea kayaks when fishing. Or buy a pair and set up a lawnchair on pontoons for relaxing on the water! Construction is lightweight composite. Below are renderings from the design process, a photo of one of our fabricators holding the finished product, and a photo from the customer as he was experimenting with placement.

kayak_gallery_3    kayak_gallery_2    kayak_gallery_1

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