New!  Shark spinnaker poles.

Double-taper carbon poles specifically make to Shark class rules.

Shark Spinnaker Pole Shark Spinnaker Pole

David Foy on “Crazy Ivan” was the trial for this design and he used with with great success through the 2015 season, culminating with winning the Canadians.   CCI sponsored the Shark fleet by giving a new spinnaker pole as a draw prize at the regatta.

Price below.  Includes end fittings.
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Shark Elliptical Rudder

This design is influenced by the elliptical rudders that are popular in this class, but with some design details of our own. They can be built for either a tube tiller or a traditional pivoting tiller.

Specify head thickness: 42mm if you wish to transfer over your original fittings, or 38mm (1.5″) for use with more common small keelboat fittings.

Douglas fir core, with fiberglass layup. Minimum class weight.


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Shark Minimum Size Rudder

This design came from a customer who wanted something different… and smaller. So we scaled up the well proven Albacore design ALB02R to minimum chord length and span for the Shark.

The customer is very happy with how it performs.

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Shark Classic Rudder

Sometimes we get asked to do something Old School. This design has a swept back trailing edge to get more area down low. The first one built was simply milled from a very large plank of teak and then varnished, for that classic look.


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Shark Composite Tiller

For the ultimate in feedback to the helm at a very light weight, order one of our foam cored fiberglass Shark tillers. Custom built to your specifications.

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