Swift Solo

Swift Solo Daggerboard

Our Swift Solo daggerboard design is based on our popular high-aspect 5o5 centerboard. A former 5o5 customer requested that we build him a Swift Solo daggerboard using the same wetted shape as the 5o5 CB that we’d built him. What’s more, our Swift Solo foils are much stronger than some of the foam alternatives out there (this customer had broken three of them, but our cedar cored foil is still going strong for him). Standard length is 60″ overall.

The centerboard design is open in the Swift Solo class – you want it, we’ll build it.


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Swift Solo Rudder

This is our interpretation of what the proper Swift Solo rudder should look like. Higher aspect ratio than the 49er blade, with a nice elliptical shape.

When Bram was asked for an opinion of it fitting the class rules, he replied:
That rudder looks great and fits the rules. I’d like for it to become our standard basic Phil’s rudder for the class.

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Swift Solo Headstock

Our Swift Solo cassette headstock for lifting rudder blades is 100% carbon, light, and strong.

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