Story on Sailing Anarchy, Sept 25, 2003

Foils, Man, for very Man

Phil's Foils wants you to know that they build cool foils for just about anything. I know that there are some happy SA customers (I 14 to TP 52) that have gotten their foils from Phil, and here's some of his latest stuff.

This is a Santana 21 rudder project for a couple of guys in Cali. They needed replacements and wanted to go with a mild update - the new blades are 2.5 inches longer than the original design (higher aspect ratio), and have an elliptical leading edge. Wetted area and center of effort remain approximately the same. They are built with a Sitka spruce core and a vacuum-bagged post-cured e-glass lay-up. Light and strong. The photo show finished rudders (shot in pure white Awlgrip), as well as a design rendering that compares the new blade to the Schock original.

Other tidbits are that he built the very high aspect rudder that came 9th in the recent 2003 5o5 worlds, by a couple of guys who's stated goal was to finish top-10. Mission accomplished.Note that picture as well. Phil also recently won a local Fireball regatta using of course his own foils - dropping a 3rd from the first race and scoring a string of 8 consecutive bullets in a 9 boat fleet. Good stuff at a good price. Click for more info from Phil.