CCI is your preferred supplier for radomes, antenna shrouds, and RF-transparent communication shelters.

Built in Canada, and shipped around the world, CCI manufactures radomes in both cored sandwich construction and single skin composite. In short, we tailer the laminate for minimum RF loss whether operating anywhere from low frequency up to mmWave, while meeting environmental requirements of wind speed, ice accretion, and UV exposure.

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Not sure what you need? Read our white paper on composite radomes by clicking here

Custom Radomes- Just for You

Whether you need 1 or 100 units, CCI will work with your team to develop tooling to your specific enclosure shape, with no minimum order requirement.

Rectangular radome

Available Tooling

Take advantage of the radome tooling we have on hand.   Below is a sample of our many mould sets.

We can optionally add hatches, vents, and base plates to any of these basic designs.

Identifier Segments Dimensions: inches (metres)
1FTCYL 1  12 inch mast mount radome
2FTCYL 1  2 foot mast mount radome
40INCHCYL 1 40" radome drawing
10FTCYL 2  DF Shroud radome: 10 ft mast mount
6FTSPH 4  6 foot spherical radome
9FTSPH 4  9 foot spherical radome
12FTSPH 11  12 foot spherical radome
18FTSPH 26 18 foot diameter radome Design is ready to build!

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Replacement Panels

CCI can scan and reverse-engineer a radome panel to fabricate a replacement, as shown below.  This example is a “D” panel replacement for a 50 foot diameter radome.

Panel for 50 foot diameter radome

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