Albacore Custom Centerboard

A very stiff layup of s-glass over sitka spruce, with a drag reducing planform. Thickness and layup can be adjusted to your individual needs. For an even lighter board with more feel, request a red cedar core.
We’ve also built these in a variety of custom head shapes to fit old woodies.

We are a proud supporter of the Canadian Albacore class association.



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Molded Centerboard

A quality molded product at a more affordable price point than our wood cored one-offs. The mold was cast from a CNC-shaped plug, for maximum accuracy of shape.

28mm max thickness, to fit most boats. Please check your centerboard trunk before ordering.


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Hello Phil; 

The twelve centerboards and rudders you provided us with last year (2008) worked out excellent for our Albacores’this past season. The weight and finish were great and it was a pleasure to do business with you. If anyone is sitting on the dock, wondering about the quality and workmanship etc. – – then place your order now !! You will not be dissappointed. 

Thanks again Phil for all your help. 

All the best; 

Wayne King
Albacore Restoration Project
Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club
Shelburne, NS
– Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club



A basic rectangular blade, with appropriate wetted area. Nothing fancy, but it will get you around the race course.

Available fixed, or for kickup head (send details of your current headstock).

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Hi-Aspect Rudder

A fairly conservative entry into higher aspect ratio rudders, this blade gives an additional 10 sq inches of wetted area (boat control!) in a more efficient package than our basic rectangular blade. The elliptical leading edge and narrowed reduced thickness at the waterline make this a low drag blade that will be sure to please. And its light too!

Available for fixed or kickup head.

Sitka spruce, with a fiberglass laminate (s-glass buildup at the waterline!). This has proven to be a popular item with our Albacore customers.



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Just thought would let you know I gave Heather (my wife) the rudder for her birthday on March 20th and it was a huge success. She is extremely pleased and can hardly wait to get it assembled and on the boat. She rewarded me with a big kiss.
– David D.


Molded Rudder

Our molded rectangular blade, with an attractive price point. Suitable for most 20mm kickup headstocks.

Don’t mistake low price for low quality – we use vinylester resin and both uni and biaxial fiberglass cloth over a CNC milled core of structural foam.

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