Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger 10 Rudder

We’ve developed a replacement rudder for the FT10 to address issues of weight, handling, and performance. Finished weight is in the 25lb range, compared to over 80lbs for the original rudder plus cassette. Making installation much easier, and dry-sailing the rudder a viable option. And with the molded-in gudgeons, there are no more issues with fit between the rudder blade and cassette.

Note that we build the top of the head up to match the original cassette in terms of mounting the tiller, so you can use either the original stainless tiller or one of ours, and they will swap back to the cassette when racing One Design.

Its not about the weight! Although our rudder saves considerable weight over the original blade plus cassette, what our customers rave about is the improvement in helm feel. One had this to say: The performance? Damn, am I going to hate to hanging the old barn door on the transom in one-design events! WELL done. The feel? Like there was any feel before? Ah, i can drive by feel again with eyes closed — or looking ahead of the bow to pick a clean path through lake chop.


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Flying Tiger 10 Tiller

Our carbon-over-foam tillers have proven to be a very popular upgrade to the FT10. They save weight, give more positive feedback to the helm, and retain contact with the rudder/cassette when steering from a raised position. Available with various options such as carbon clear coat, molded carbon loop handgrip, and custom paint colors.


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