German Frers

German Frers 50 Rudder

The story on this rudder is truly international. Our customer in the UK had his boat at a yard in the USA, where the old rudder was removed and shipped to us for recovery and reuse of the post. The rudder had been shortened (and increased in chord length) to match a shoal draft keel that had been installed. We set things right again by redrawing the rudder in the spirit of the factory original, correcting the poor performance of the butchered item.

Price is for rudder blade only. Replacement post quoted separately



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Hi guys, just thought id check in about the rudder you made me for my German Frers IOR 50. Its been a while getting it back in the water but i wanted to let you know that the rudder performs nicely with plenty of grip and good balance. Thanks for your keen work! Nick.
– Nick Skudder

F&C 45 Rudder

Also by Frers, we have built a rudder for the F&C 45, a skeg-hung variety in this case.