As a specialist in one-off and short run production composite products, CCI is your preferred supplier for radomes, antenna shrouds, and similar items such as sonar fairings.  Especially if the solution you need is not sitting on a shelf somewhere.

We can manufacture radomes in either cored sandwich construction or single skin composite.  We can even fabricate high quality replacement panels to suit existing radomes from other suppliers.

Our larger radomes feature an innovative composite panel joint that minimizes RF Scattering.   Panel geometry is chosen to minimize panel count while keeping individual panel sizes to within standard shipping maximum dimensions.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.   A few case studies that showcase our capabilities are described below.

Radomes for 5G

The network equipment roll out of 5G is requiring radomes and antenna shrouds that have lower RF attenuation than was acceptable in earlier generation cellular networks.    The solution is to transition from traditional fiberglass materials to alternatives that have lower dielectric properties.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, from low frequency to mmWave, we will work with you to develop a product that works for your particular requirements, for stand alone antennas or integrated radio/antenna installations.

White Paper

Read our high level overview of composite radomes by clicking here

Available Tooling

Take advantage of the tooling we have on hand.  Or request something custom.  Most units are available in both single skin and sandwich construction.
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Identifier Segments Dimensions: inches (metres)
1FTCYL 1  12 inch mast mount radome
2FTCYL 1  2 foot mast mount radome
40INCHCYL 1 40" radome drawing
10FTCYL 2  DF Shroud radome: 10 ft mast mount
6FTSPH 4  6 foot spherical radome
9FTSPH 4  9 foot spherical radome
12FTSPH 11  12 foot spherical radome
18FTSPH 26 18 foot diameter radome

Case Studies

We have built several varieties of radomes for customers in the communications industry. This example is a cored radome 10 feet (3m) in diameter and intended for rooftop or ground mounting.  Built using vacuum resin infusion techniques for the highest quality.

Cored Radome    
honeywell-radomes-gallery-1    honeywell-radomes-gallery-2

On a larger scale, we built a roof top communications shelter using our foam cored fiberglass flat panel technology.  Note the arched roof for strength and water shedding.  Cable raceways were built directly into the panels.  The panels were bonded together (tongue and groove), not bolted.  The only metal is in the stainless steel door hardware.

Communications Shelter wiring racewayInstalled on roof

We were chosen by a local antenna company to develop fiberglass radomes with fiberglass and foam core backing plates for pole mounting. These composite backing plates weigh a small fraction of that of their steel counterparts.

tiltek_radome_Gallery_1    tiltek_radome_Gallery_2

We have done a series of short production runs of fairings that fit submersed towed sonar equipment.   We developed the tooling based on drawings of the equipment that it had to fit around.

knudson_fairing_Gallery1   knudson_fairing_Gallery2

Below is a rendering of a solution we drew to house a rotating boom antennae mounted high on a tower and subject to substantial wind loads. Diameter of rotation is 8 feet (2.4m).


Other examples

Storm chaser truck radome, 6′ (1.8m) diameter:

NBC Radome 1   NBC Radome 2
NBC Radome installed
Mast mount radome, 2′ (60cm) diameter:
mast mount radome
Large mast mount radomes for the Canadian Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans (Coastguard):
Mast Mount VHF RadomesInstalled mast mount radome
Twelve foot diameter spherical radome with knee wall.  Shown being dryfit at our shop.
12 foot diameter radome dryfit 12 foot diameter radome