Standard Finishes

  • Standard finish is white 2-part polyurethane “as sprayed” on dinghies and above the waterline on keelboats and large multihulls, with white epoxy primer below the waterline. Clear or graphite finishes are available at extra cost – please inquire.
  • Wet sanding and buffing out the topcoat is available as an added option (below).


Prices available upon request

  • clear finish or graphite finish
  • solid epoxy tips
  • wetsanded & polished “racing finish”
  • other special requests, just ask.

Additional information:

  • Separate epoxy formulations are used for bonding (West System* / 205), laminating (ProSet*), and fairing/top coat (West System* / 207).
  • All through-hole locations are drilled oversize and filled with thickened epoxy. Pivot holes have graphite powder added to the epoxy for an improved bearing surface.
  • Templating of planform or foil section is not normally done – the shape is established early by the CNC machine, and all effort is made not to distort it. If you require templating to strict tolerances, be sure to indicate that at time of order.

A note on finishes:

Our standard finish is “as sprayed”. There will be a certain amount of orange peel and quite possibly some dust on the finish (we don’t have a dedicated clean room). This is to be expected, and is easily dealt with by a light wet sanding, starting at 400 grit. Most customers opt to do this themselves. When possible we hang our foils to shoot paint on both sides at once and also minimize dust. Some products must be sprayed flat – in this case expect to find a bit of overspray on the backside. Again, quickly sanded away. On request we will do the wet sanding and buff out for a fee. The goal is a smooth fair surface. The saying is that you can have it smooth, fair, or white… pick two. In other words, the wet sanding process may very well expose a ghosting through of the underlying primer.

* Not considered an endorsement of these products. Other products may be substituted without notice.