Fiberglass is an excellent choice for fabrication of liquid holding tanks for various purposes.  When coated with a food grade gelcoat, fiberglass tanks can be used for aquaculture and hydroponics.  Or different resin and gelcoat choices can be made when chemical resistance is a requirement.

Choose from our existing tooling if you just want a tank or two, or talk to us about developing a custom solution for your higher volume production requirements.

Aquaculture Tubs10 foot diameter water tank

Developed for a fish farm contract, we have tooling in stock for the following sizes:

  • 10 foot diameter, 4 foot depth
  • 16 foot diameter, 4 foot depth

The tanks are broken down for shipping and joined at site.  They include a drain sump, and optional overflow drains and side boxes.  Fish exclusion screens available to suit.



Stackable Rectangular Tanks

These particular tanks were engineered to be stacked two high, when loaded.  For this contract they were coated with a barrier paint to the waterline, and had internal baffles added.   Sight glass and fill bung optional.   This basic tank can be ordered in other configurations, of course.


Rectangular water tank Stackable water tanks

Tank sizes:

  • 24″ wide x 18″ deep x 96″ long
  • 30″ wide x 18″ deep x 96″ long

Small Tubs

For a Fisheries & Oceans contract, these tubs have an integrated backsplash, a drain, and (optional) sockets for simple pipe legs.


30" x 26" x 24" tub

Tub size:

  • 30″ across x 26″ front-to-back x 24″ deep.  5″ backsplash

Large Tubs

For a the same client as the above small tubs, we also created tooling and a short production run of larger tubs.  These should have their bottoms fully supported and are not intended to have legs.

48" x 96" x 18" tub tub rendering

Tub size:

  • 96″ across x 48″ front-to-back x 18″ deep.

Fish Transport Tank

This is a one-off custom build of a 2000 gallon tank for fish transport, to be mounted to a truck frame.   Far more intricate than “just a lamination job”, the tank is fully kitted out with aerators, hatches, baffles, and knife-gate drain.


rendering of tankFish Transport Tank

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