C&C 37 Rudder Upgrade – Modified Design:

The rudder was installed the week of Sept 2nd 2019. Its first sea trial was on Friday Sept 6th crossing Nantucket Sound during Hurricane Dorian. It worked right through a 10’ rogue wave.  No problem. 2nd Sea Trial was on Saturday Sept 7th in a end of the season offshore race from Martha’s Vineyard in 20-30+ knot winds. No weather helm. On Sunday Sept 8th it went back to Falmouth for winter storage in 10-15 knot calm evening seas. Short but sweet sea trials.

Worked perfectly in all conditions.



C&C37 modified rudder

F28 Daggerboard – Modified Design:

Hi All,

This weekend, I finally managed to install the elliptical F28 daggerboard you built for me.

It fits beautifully without any mods (shimming or sanding).

Its first outing was a pursuit race with an average 7 knots of wind. The helm is noticeably lighter, we were pointing higher and the boat felt faster overall. I’m very pleased with the new board. The quality is outstanding.

Just wanted to send my thanks to the team who designed and built it. I couldn’t be happier with the upgrade. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this board to other F/C28 owners.

All the best,

Escapade Rudder Update (Beneteau 10R):

We installed the larger Farr design rudder manufactured by CCI Composites around August 20 and had our first good test in high winds this weekend. We were out in winds of 20 to 30 knots most of Saturday, with big chop. The boat did not threaten to round up unexpectedly all day—and that was with 2 novice girls taking long training turns at the helm! The instructor we had on board wanted to do an upwind broaching drill—and could not get the boat to broach! He was amazed. Yes—it’s not cheap—but in my opinion it’s well worth the $$ and install effort (which is not that hard).

– Alan R.

Dear all – I just wanted to email to says thanks for the excellent service and the awesome rudder. I have now sailed my Rocket 22 in everything from light air, 3-5 foot waves, and 20 knots steady – 35 knot gusts and the rudder has performed awesomely. With our old rudder in 25 knots we would have been on the round-up parade both up and down wind. I would recommend Phil’s Foils/CCI to anyone looking to improve the foils on their boat.Cheers!- Steve D.


After a couple of months of sailing with the new rudder I couldn’t be more pleased. The boat is much more balanced and the issues with a very heavy helm that got loaded up with a lot of weather helm are gone. Boat handling is dramatically. I just sailed the boat from Annapolis, MD to Bermuda and back as part of the Bermuda Ocean Race and took second in my class. Everybody is impressed with what a change it’s made.


– Steve S.

I have to say, I am impressed by your attention to detail.  I was a high end concert, recording and opera piano tuner for 42 years, and you are treating me like I treated my clients.

This is, of course, most excellent.

– Paul  Scott

Hi Phil,

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the rudder you built for us.  A very nice rudder at a very nice price and on time delivery.  Thank you very much.  We are installing the bearings now, unfortunately, we can’t install the rudder until we get the boat up on her keel, but all is good.

I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


– Steve White,
President, Brooklin Boat Yard Inc  (Brooklin Boatyard 47)

Hi Phil. Thanks so much. My son and I had a great time last weekend at a great event. The new CB is sweet and we are very happy! Thank you again for making it for me.

– David.  (InterClub “Classic” Centerboard)

I just wanted to say that after a season’s use of the rudder you built last year, I am very happy with the result.

You and your company were a pleasure to deal with and the quality of the finished rudder was first class.

Also the product accomplished the desired goal regarding performance. Even though the area was larger, boat speed in light winds did not seem to be compromised while in high winds the additional control was noticeable as compared with other boats in our one design fleet.

Best Regards,

– Jan Steyn  (Beneteau 10R Rudder)

And how many years later? It is still a lovely rudder, well done!
Many Thanks!- Kenney Cobb (Pearson Flyer Rudder)
Pearson Flyer, hull 81, Back Porch

Phil & Dave,

The model study was a great success, and our clients (and more importantly their clients) were really impressed with the yachts. In fact anyone who came in the lab, whether they had any to do with the study or not, was immediately drawn to gaze at the model ships!

Now that the model study is finished, the yachts are off to the side until we’re a little less busy. We hope to eventually give them a nice paint job and then put them on display.

My sincere thanks are in order for doing such a great job on the boats and for delivering on time! We will definitely keep you in mind the next time we need a model ship fabricated!

– Scott

Dear Phil and CCI team

Rudder reinstall was successful yesterday. Thanks for your careful adherence to specs and measurements

We have been really impressed with the professionalism of your organization. Starting with Amanda in sales, you have been most responsive from the beginning. Phil, I appreciate your communication throughout the build process.

I gave you a good endorsement on C&C27 forum.

Thanks again. It has been a pleasure dealing with you


– Steve S. (C&C C&C27 Mk3 Rudder)

Re: custom rudder

My rudder arrived late yesterday afternoon in perfect condition. Kindly extent my thanks to all involved for a job well done.

Best regards,

– Harry H.

Daggerboard and case for X-KAT Catamaran.

After a bit of delay, I finally got the dagger case/board installed in January 2011.

I have used my Boat throughout the summer Months and I am very happy to report that the Dagger Board (and Case) supplied by you have performed excellently.

It has really improved the performance of my boat and I just thought I would take a moment to let you know.

Thank YOU.

– Marcus M

Re: custom daggerboard with daggerboard trunk.

Hey Guys,
Received the daggerboard and trunk both in good shape Friday evening.

It’s beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so very much,
– Larry S.

Got to say you have given me a headache on rudders as the centreboard is perfect… Starting to think we should get you to make our rudder blade.

– Dave Chisholm (International 14 Daggerboard; 2011)

WOW! I received the tiller you built for me. What a beautiful piece of work.
I feel like I just got a piece of boat jewelry. Thanks!

– J.K.

Hi guys, just thought id check in about the rudder you made me for my German Frers IOR 50. Its been a while getting it back in the water but i wanted to let you know that the rudder performs nicely with plenty of grip and good balance. Thanks for your keen work!

– Nick Skudder (German Frers 50 Rudder)

I purchased an S2 7.9 replacement rudder from Phil’s Foils for my boat in Jacksonville, Florida, about 4 years ago.

The rudder has held up wonderfully and is extremely fast – I have not finished below 2nd in a regatta since purchasing it.

Thanks for the good work!

– Dave S. (S2 7.9 Rudder)

Thought I would drop you both a note to let you know that the keel strut and cassette rudder you designed for my i550 are working great. Even in low wind conditions the strut tracks well. The boat is very lively under sail but she settles in and is a blast to sail.

– Jon R. (I550 Rudder)


Decided to look you up after seeing a message from your “competition” Frank Foote on the S2 7.9 website who builds foam-core rudders. I just wanted to let you know that the rudder you built for me 10+ years ago is still going strong, no dimensional changes whatsoever with minimal maintenance. I’m more convinced than ever that a properly-built wooden blade is the way to go for this boat, with its inherently failure-prone design. Glad to see you are still in business and expanding your product lines.

– Steve Bowen (S2 7.9 Rudder)


Slapshot is in the water. The rudder looks great. The yard took this picture before she splashed. Thanks.

– Scott S (C&C C&C35 Rudder)


We just finished the Oregon Offshore and took first in Class, the rudder was awesome! noticed right from the start (20 knots downwind) the increased bite and control that we had over previous races. I have to say it was very nice being able to handle a squirley IOR boat downwind in those conditions with confidence.

Thank you I love the rudder

– Steve S (Catalina Catalina 38 Rudder)

…Finally the foils have been sitting in their open cardboard box in Doyle’s loft for over a week and everyone is really impressed with your work.

Thanks again,

– Ken J (Corsair and Farrier Sprint 750 Daggerboard)

Just wanted to thank you very much for the outstanding offshore rudder you built for my 1979 J/30. The rudder performed flawlessly, after over 2100 NM racing from SF to Hawaii in Pacific Cup 2010. We finished 2nd in Div. A just under 14 days and missed 1st place by approximately 45 minutes. We were in near constant surf condition the last 2/3 of the race with a top speed of 16.1 knots and a best 24 hour run of 198 NM. The weather included squalls and trade winds with TWS of 12- 29 knots at times planning at 14- 16 knots.
The greatest sailing I have ever experienced, thanks again for being a part of “Team Friction Loss”.

– Shawn (J-Boats J30 Balanced Rudder)

I have only good things to say about the rudder…we only cavitated once at the nationals for a split second when the wind piped up unexpectedly and we had raised the board up 5 inches to minimize drag in light air. The other foils seemed to be having more of a struggle. Our blade will also fit in your existing cassette allowing you to skip that cost if you want.

– Cliff F. (Corsair and Farrier Sprint 750 Rudder)

The foils look great and it is hard that I have to wait at least 8 weeks until I can try them, since we have the strongest winter for the last 30 years!

– Rasmus T. (Contour 34 Deep Daggerboard)

Thanks Phil for you great work!

Here is are some pics of the sprit—we do not have all the bits installed but we’re almost there.

– Doug F

Hello. Your site is cool. Do you know where I could get a set of plans to fabricate a centerboard for a 1979 C&C 36? I’ve done some infusion and vacuum bagging and have all the equipment and material.


– Richard Donovan

Dave and Phil

Finished our season on the Peterson 37 (featured on your web page) and the difference in performance was amazing….very responsive steering, almost finger touch control in most conditions and only one wipe out this year.

Usually we can count on several good wipe outs a year. With this years heavy winds, big waves, it was quite remarkable that we did not have more than one.

I’d say that we can chock the one wipeout we had this year to “operator error”….25 knots true, full main, full kite, new crew…..not surprising…

Good work guys and I have strongly recommended your services around the club….except my competition of course…

– David Mewdell, Chico Grande

Your daggerboard performed very well on our record breaking run from Maui to Oahu this last Labor Day race on my F-33. After our resent haul out, we noticed the board was in excellent condition.

– Bob Rossen (Corsair and Farrier F-32, F-33, F-35 Elliptical Daggerboard)

The Quetzel almost ready, the mast (Proctor D) will be in place this weekend.Expect to be sailing in 2 weeks.The boat can sail with either a 29er gennaker or a 505 spinnaker. To keep the cost down I am using my old 505 main sail.Will send some pictures when the boat is sailing.

Best regards

– Jesper Fowelin