CCI is Controlled Goods Certified (Certificate #25695) 

Our work with Canadian and US military contractors is not a topic we can talk much about, but is a role we are proud of playing. We have fulfilled contracts for both prototype development and short run production. High level overviews of two representative projects are below.

LAV Fiberglass Components

We were contracted by the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) to first fabricate a set of prototype fiberglass components for the Light Armoured Vehicle, and second to produce multiple runs of these components.



Military Shelters – Flat Panel Production

Our flat panels are fiberglass skinned with foam cores. We build them to specified levels of insulation value, noise attenuation, and fire retardancy (FR) with optional RFI liners for electronic security. Cutouts are manufactured into the panels where needed, as are load-bearing inserts. Manufacturing tolerances are very tight. CCI has worked with a US Defence Contractor to provide flat panel manufacturing of components used for various environmentally controlled military structures. These are light weight structures pre-assembled from our flat panels and flown into their deployment area. What can we build for you?



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